Juvise Pharmaceuticals carries out its business in compliance with EU and other international regulations, with complete transparency and integrity.

Article 2 of France’s law No. 2011-2012 of 29 December 2011, and its Order No. 2013-414 of 21 May 2013, relating to transparency of advantages granted by firms producing or marketing products for health or cosmetic purposes in humans provides for an obligation on the part of pharmaceutical companies to publicise connections involving such an advantage on their websites.

Therefore, Juvise Pharmaceuticals is now obliged to make public the existence of any agreements or contracts that the company has entered into, in the categories covered by the law, together with the amount of advantages, in cash or in kind, of a value of at least 10 euros (including all taxes) obtainable directly or indirectly from relevant health professionals.

Since April 1st 2014, and in accordance with a decree from December 3rd 2013, all data concerning agreements and benefits received starting during the second semester of 2013 are now published on the public website of the French ministry of health: .

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