Lombalgia, lower back pain

Commonly called “lumbago” or “back pain”, low back pain is a pain related to a benign muscle or ligament problem located at the bottom of the spine, in the lumbar vertebrae (1).


  • Low back pain is pain in the lower back. “Back pain” has many synonyms: low back pain, lumbago, crick… it is above all a mechanical problem where all back structures can be a source of pain (joints, ligaments, muscles, discs, etc.) (2).
  • 84% of people have had, have or will have low back pain in their lifetime (1)
  • Even if it is not serious, it represents many challenges: for patients, for healthcare professionals, for professionals in the business world and more broadly for society (1).
  • It is therefore essential to prevent the risk of a transition to chronicity (1).
*Source ameli.fr