Facts & figures on our steady growth

10 years after its creation, Juvise Pharmaceuticals has become an established international company among specialty pharmaceutical players.

Today, Juvise Pharmaceuticals manufactures and commercializes 8 pharmaceuticals treatments, in 3 main therapeutic areas (cardiology, psychiatry and rheumatology), recognized by health care professionals for their high medical value.

Over the years, Juvise Pharmaceuticals spread its presence by commercializing its products across 57 different countries on the 4 continents.

International specialty pharmaceutical company, Juvise Pharmaceuticals realizes 59% of its sales in Europe.

Working with 16 manufacturing plants of finished products and 8 of API*, Juvise Pharmaceuticals benefits of a solid network of industrial partners to produce its 5 required pharmaceutical forms (tablets, drops, syrup, injectable solution and cream).

* API : Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

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