Already a rich history

Frédéric MASCHA, founder

As a former Associate Principal at McKinsey & Co., Frédéric MASCHA, among other things, developed strategic approaches for major worldwide pharmaceutical groups. He was responsible for optimising the launch of a number of medical products undergoing clinical development. These drugs were to treat disorders of the central nervous system, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal conditions.

Mr Mascha holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School (in Boston, USA) and a qualification from the Higher Institute of Management, in Paris, France.


In 2002, Mr Mascha and the Juvisé group, in collaboration with the Italian Sigma-Tau group, established Lynapharm pharmaceutical laboratories. Lynapharm was a pharmaceutical company specialising in products to treat psychiatric disorders. In particular, it marketed the psychiatric drugs Lysanxia®, Anafranil® and Synedil®, mainly in France and in African countries.

JUVISE Pharmaceuticals

Following the sale of Lynapharm laboratories to the Italian pharmaceutical group Sigma-Tau in 2008, Mr Mascha established JUVISE Pharmaceuticals company as an international pharmaceutical subsidiary of the JUVISE group.

JUVISE Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company accredited by the ANSM, French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products. The company specialises in manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical products to treat cardiologic, psychiatric, rheumatic and respiratory/ENT conditions and also fertility/sexual matters.

JUVISE Pharmaceuticals currently markets 8 speciality pharmaceutical products: Esidrex®, Sintrom®Digoxin®Entumin®Insidon®Lumirelax®Calmixène®Extovyl®. It also markets two food supplements: Proxeed®Plus and Proxeed®Women. These are sold in a total of 57 countries.